Hospice West Auckland offers the traditional healing modality of Rongoā Māori.

We are excited to be developing a Rongoā garden in partnership with CHT St Margarets at Hospice House for our patients, whānau and community. The garden will include a wide range of New Zealand native flora, both shrubs and trees, and each plant will be identified with its Māori name, botanical name and a description of its healing uses.

Hospice West Auckland Rongoa Garden

Hospice West Auckland’s Rongoā Garden is by the community, for the community. 

We welcome you to be a part of this special place. Get in touch with us to learn more:

Hospice West Auckland Rongoa Garden
Hospice West Auckland Rongoa Garden

Rongoā Māori emphasises the connection between people and nature.  Practitioners believe: “When you go into the bush, the mauri (life force) of the bush, the mauri of Papatūānuku, will heal us, if we just sit and be.” We are creating a space where people from all walks of life can come to rest and reflect amongst familiar and comforting New Zealand native bush. This will be a welcoming space to reconnect with Papatūānuku and feel culturally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally strengthened, in accordance with the Te Whare Tapa Whā model of wellbeing.

The Rongoā garden’s fresh plants will enable members of our community to learn about traditional healing plants. Community workshops will be offered by our Hospice Rongoā practitioner to the wider community to learn more about this healing modality and how to make Rongoā Rākau, healing plant remedies.

Stage One: Turning The Soil

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During Matariki 2023 we performed a Turning The Soil ceremony to bless the site and mark the commencement of our Rongoā garden project. The soil we turned has been placed in a kete and will be kept safe until the official opening of the Rongoā garden in 2024, when it will be returned to the garden. Returning the soil is a sign of completion, the final step in the māra, and will form part of the final blessing.

The kete is currently displayed in the Hospice House entrance and people are encouraged to bless it as they walk past.

Stage Two: Preparing the Area

In April 2024, work officially began on preparing the existing garden area for creating our Rongoā Garden. The team from Rongoā Landscapes Ltd led the development, which included demolition of the pergola, and removing the hedging and other foliage, and bricks. We have carefully preserved the bricks that were donated by whānau in remembrance of loved ones so they can be incorporated at a later stage.

The Rongoā Landscapes Ltd team then laid soil to prepare the area for planting.